Social Media Etiquette

Social media etiquette at first glance may appear as a ridiculous phrase, however the more you ponder on this, the more legitimate the phrase becomes. In the last decade social media has become a huge part of life both personally and professionally. That being said, we must acknowledge and strive to achieve appropriate social media etiquette.

While using social media for personal use, appropriate social media etiquette is still in effect. Although many may believe that because their Twitter accounts or Facebook accounts are personal and not professional, that does not entitle individuals to do or say anything and everything. The right to freedom of speech does not give us immunity from the repercussions of our actions and words online. This is because social media is an online PUBLIC space. I feel that many people forget this fact and post thoughts and feelings as if they were thinking them in their head. Even if a user is hiding behind a pseudo name, there are many ways people can track the source and inflict the necessary consequences such as tracking through IP addresses.

As a professional being on social media, one must become even more cautious about what they post online. In fact, based on statistics from the Society for Human Resource Management, while recruiting possible applicants, 77% of employers utilize social media as part of their screening process! Consequently, you must be mindful of what you post online. Be sure that what you post is acceptable in a professional setting and will not inflict negative associations to your professionalism.

Once content is posted online it is very difficult for it to be erased from the web forever and all you need is the right person to see the wrong thing to turn your world upside down. Therefore, BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU POST BEFORE YOU CLICK POST!


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One thought on “Social Media Etiquette

  1. Good run down. It always amazes me that people have disclaimers like “the views of this person do not represent the company I work for” on their social media profiles as if that matters to the general public. If, for example, you work for Microsoft, and you say rude things about your customers with regards to your products, no disclaimer is going to stop people from seeing a comment like that as a company sentiment.


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