Tweetdeck screenshot of 4 columns.

Are you highly active on Twitter? Is Twitter your main source of news? If so TweetDeck is the application for you! TweetDeck is an amazing alternative to typical search engines such as Google. Similar to twitter, you chose who and what you want to follow. However the great part about it is that you can have multiple personalized columns that are catered to transmit different sets of data. For example, in the screenshot above of my TweetDeck, there are four personalized columns: Online Privacy, #privacy, Funny Tumblr Posts, #tumblrpost. I found TweekDeck as a very useful tool to organize the popular searches I want to be updated on. At any given time, I can go to the desired column to satisfy my needs as apposed to searching about them.

In addition I was fond of the multiple types of columns TweetDeck offered. Some of them included; favourites, lists, searches, and trending. With these options, users can virtually have columns for just about any interest. Also one of the greatest features of TweetDeck is that as a user, you can keep your personal account separate from the columns you create. This means that unlike Twitter, you do not have to follow users in order to be updated of their content. I personally really enjoyed this feature because there have been many instances where I have wanted to search certain users and/or trending topics. However I did not want to have to follow an account in which I would only read their tweets one or twice a month. Ultimately, I greatly recommend TweetDeck for users looking for more customizability with Twitter.

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